Tinnitus is an ear related problem in which the patient hears a constant ringing or buzzing sound. Dr. Fynes has the perfect solution for patients suffering from Tinnitus in Mesa, Phoenix that is Widex Zen Therapy product. This unique program alleviates Tinnitus by playing random relaxing tones that have a calming effect on the patient. It enables patients to de-stress, get rid of anxiety and enjoy all the mellifluous sounds around them. Anyone suffering from Tinnitus can get in touch with Fynes Audiology and benefit from using Zen Therapy program.

Dr. Cassandra Fynes

Doctor of Audiology

Do you suffer from Tinnitus, have ringing in the ears, buzzing, clicking, noises that interfere with your understanding of speech, keep you from preventing to fall asleep easy at night? There is a great product on the market from Widex Hearing Aid Company, it’s called the Widex Zen Therapy Program. It’s built in to majority of their hearing aids. We just activate extra programs. What the Widex Zen is fractal tones. Basically you’re hearing little chimes, little tunes, five decibels above your hearing threshold, very faint. It’s not meant to interfere with your hearing. What we’re helping you do is not focus on the ringing that’s going on in your everyday life and causing you stress and undue anxiety. If you suffer from Tinnitus, a simple appointment will let us see if you can benefit from the Widex Zen Therapy program. We come in, we have you fill out a survey to let us know how severe the Tinnitus is to you. The devices that we use are hearing aids. You do not have to have a hearing loss to use them. But many people are seeing great results with it. One patient using the Widex Zen product right now came in, couldn’t sit still. Very tense, very agitated. After just a few months of using the product, he is more relaxed. He is able to listen and communicate more effectively and doesn’t feel much anxiety from Tinnitus anymore. Still uses the product on regular basis, because you never know when your Tinnitus is going to flare up and cause undue anxiety. If you like to see if the Widex Zen therapy product is useful for you, give us a call, set up an appointment. We will spend time going over how the device works, talk about the trial periods and what you can expect from us at Fynes Audiology, on how to use and how to be successful with the Widex Zen Therapy program.