Learn About Different Hearing Aids in Mesa

During normal conversations or listening to the radio, you may struggle to hear certain pitches. This may be indicative of hearing loss. Hearing loss is a very common condition that affects many people. The signs of hearing loss can be very hard to catch. A skilled audiologist like Dr. Cassandra Fynes can help screen for hearing loss and provide hearing aids for hard of hearing patients in Mesa.


How do I start the process?

Hearing aidsIn order to find the best hearing aid for your ears, Dr. Fynes will conduct a sample of hearing tests that will determine your level of hearing loss. Based on those results, she may recommend that you receive a hearing aid specially designed to fit your lifestyle and hearing needs. Some of the various hearing aids that she offers include:

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids are an excellent option for those who want a hearing aid that is not extremely expensive. The hearing devices allow you to focus your hearing in one direction with the precise ZoomControl ability. This way, you can better listen in on a conversation that may be happening on one side. The DuoPhone option syncs the hearing aid to your mobile device so that you can talk and listen on the phone with ease. It also can be connected to your TV so that you can watch your shows without straining. The hearing aid comes in a variety of colors so that you can disguise the hearing aid with your ear. These hearing aids are an excellent option if you want a multifunctional hearing aid.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids are designed for people with mild and severe hearing loss. There are several possible placements for this hearing aid. You have it behind the ear and inside the ear. It also can connect to audio devices such as your phone, computer, and TV. This way, you can hear more than just conversations. Oticon hearing aids also block out any background noises that may detract from your ability to listen. The hearing aids also have different features such as Binaural Coordination and Dynamic Feedback Cancellation.

Siemens Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are specially designed for people with active lifestyles. There is the Aquaris™ model, which is waterproof. This model prevents water and sweat from disrupting your hearing aid’s functioning. Pure Carat™ is another model that does not require manual adjusting. The hearing aid adapts to whatever environment you are in so that you can always hear with clarity without having to adjust your hearing aid. There are many more Siemens hearing aid models that are specially crafted for your individual needs.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids are made to give you the best hearing experience possible. The hearing aids balance all aspects of tone, clarity, and background sounds. They also contain features that inform you about the hearing aid’s battery and functionality. This way, you do not have to guess whether your hearing aid is low on energy. These models also alleviate tinnitus with the use of harmonic tones. These hearing aids are made to give you the richest hearing experience possible.

Dr. FynesIf you are considering being fitted with a hearing aid, Dr. Fynes offers all of these brands. Allow her to assist you in finding the best hearing aid for your lifestyle. You can contact us online or call the office to learn more about the process and her different models of hearing aids at (480) 456-0176.

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