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Raise the Volume on Life

At Fynes Audiology, we empower patients with the ability to hear clearly by offering the most effective hearing aids on the market. The combination of cutting-edge technology and comfortable design found in a Widex hearing instrument helps users experience life—and the voices, laughs, and melodies they love—in rich, clear sound. Learn more about Widex by contacting Fynes Audiology in Mesa, Arizona today, where our experienced audiologists will help you determine the best solution for your hearing loss.

Widex CLEAR 440

The high-end Widex CLEAR 440 system utilizes advanced technology for a listening experience that is as close to natural as possible. Hearing instruments are available to suit every type of hearing loss, and come in up to 14 shades, ranging from Warm Beige to Shocking Pink.

  • CLEAR hearing aids communicate wirelessly with one another, simulating the natural correspondence between two ears.
  • The FreeFocus feature allows users to direct their attention to sounds coming from the left, right, front or back, eliminating the need to turn their head.
  • Zen, the system’s unique tonal relaxation feature, manages tinnitus with harmonic sounds.
  • CLEAR FUSION technology minimizes wind noise with an advanced, feedback-resistant microphone.
  • The Phone+ function allows users to hear phone calls—either on a landline or mobile device—in both ears, thanks to the wireless transmission of phone signals between hearing aids.

Widex mind™

Widex mind™ products range from high-end to value models, each providing the exceptional sound users have come to expect from Widex hearing aids. These devices feature a host of benefits designed to deliver superb sound, including:

  • SmartSpeak, a revolutionary verbal messaging system that uses recorded speech to inform users of important issues such as battery level or device function.
  • The Zen relaxation feature is available in all mind products to help users manage tinnitus.

Because there are a range of mind™ products to choose from, it is important to seek the expertise of an experienced audiologist when determining which hearing aid is right for you. To learn more about Widex mind™ products, contact Fynes Audiology in Mesa, Arizona.


The high-end mind™440 features Widex’s unique and powerful Dual Integrated Signal Processing platform for the most advanced sound possible. Products are available to treat everything from mild to profound hearing loss, and users can remain discreet—or make a statement—with a wide variety of colors. Because of their comfortable fit, mind™440 instruments are excellent options for children with hearing loss. In addition to the features included with all Widex mind products, the mind™440 provides:

  • Audibility Extenders that expand users’ hearing range by making speech sounds, such as high-frequency consonants, more accessible by reducing them to a lower frequency.
  • Speech Enhancer technology that allows users to clearly understand speech sounds, even in the most distracting environments.


An advanced mid-range line of products from Widex, mind™330 hearing aids provide clear sound you can count on, and a listening experience that feels natural. Featuring a Dual ISP processing platform that automatically adjusts to accommodate users’ environments, mind™330 products are also comprised of unique key features that rank them among the best in their class.

  • WidexLink wireless technology allows hearing instruments to connect easily to TVs, telephones, computers, and mobile devices.
  • The Trusound Compression System eliminates auditory discomfort associated with loud sounds, maintaining the integrity of the listening experience while making sure it is as pleasant as possible.
  • Active Feedback Cancelling identifies and eliminates background noise and whistling, so the sound you experience is as clear as possible.
  • The ClearBand hi-fi two-way receiver delivers superb sound, and makes mind™330 the only mid-range hearing aid with a bandwidth of over 10KHz.


A value hearing aid recommended for mild to moderately severe hearing loss, mind™220 instruments feature the same Dual ISP processing platform found in pricier models, as well as unique Widex attributes such as Zen, the Audibility Extender and Smart Speak. It’s the essential package, offering exceptional Widex technology at an affordable price.

  • High-pitch frequencies are lowered to a more audible level, allowing users to experience even hard-to-hear sounds comfortably and clearly.
  • The instruments are available in six colors and a variety of in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles to suit your preferences and level of hearing loss.

Learn More about Widex Hearing Aids

At Fynes Audiology, we are committed to helping patients realize that they don’t have to live with hearing loss. To learn more about Widex products, contact our audiologists in Mesa, Arizona, where we help patients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe experience life—loudly and clearly.

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