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Fynes Audiology shares Siemens’ philosophy that choosing a hearing aid is an individualized process. It’s important to for users to choose a brand and type of hearing instrument best suited to their unique needs—which is why we are proud to offer a range of choices including state-of-the-art Siemens hearing aids. Contact Fynes Audiology in Mesa, Arizona to schedule a personal consultation with one of our audiologists, and take the first step toward better hearing.


Don’t be limited by your hearing aid—be empowered. When Siemens created the Aquaris™—a completely waterproof hearing instrument that showcases remarkable durability along with cutting-edge technology—they had your active lifestyle in mind. Because the Aquaris™ surface resists scratches and slipping, keeping up with life on-the-go, you are free to live—and hear—your life to the fullest.

  • In addition to resisting water, the firmly sealed shell—available in five color options—effectively protects your instrument from damage caused by sweat and dust.
  • Swimming with a hearing aid is easier than ever, thanks to a soft mold design.
  • The unique, ergonomic shape makes the hearing instrument resistant to shock—so it can support even the most active lifestyle.
  • Siemens BestSound™ Technology delivers superb, clear sound you can count on, eliminating feedback noise and deciphering speech from any direction.


Motion® instruments take the effort out of listening, so you can enjoy life without worrying about your hearing aid. Designed to fit seamlessly into your life, Motion® delivers outstanding sound quality and a number of attractive features. Products are available in both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear options.

  • Shells for the behind-the-ear models are available in a variety of exchangeable colors, so you can personalize your hearing instrument.
  • While connectivity is a common feature of behind-the-ear hearing aids, Motion® is the only product line to offer in-the-ear models supporting the Tek™ wireless system.
  • Motion devices are endowed with Siemens’ BestSound™ Technology, for the clearest listening experience possible.

Pure Carat™

Siemens hearing aids are designed to support your lifestyle—not provide an obstacle to overcome. Their Pure® line of products is designed to be as discreet as possible, so you remain the center of attention— rather than your hearing aid. Individuals with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss are able to experience all the benefits of BestSound™ Technology in an elegant, virtually invisible casing.

  • Pure Carat™ is available in 10 colors, so you can choose a shade that best matches your skin or hair.
  • Sound Learning™ 2.0 allows your Pure® product to self-adjust, eliminating the need to constantly adjust your hearing instrument by hand.
  • With a telephone coil built in, your Pure Carat™ hearing aid automatically links to induction loop systems, such as those found in theaters—so you don’t miss a beat.

Pure® Special Edition

Experience the ultra-discreet Pure® Special Edition hearing aid, designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. So small that most people won’t notice it poised behind your ear, this revolutionary hearing instrument offers more than just elegance—it provides powerful sound quality.

  • A simple, push-button control allows you to change settings, or turn your instrument on and off, with ease.
  • An exchangeable outer shell means that you can personalize your unit as your color preferences change.
  • Features Sound Learning™ 2.0, which increases discretion by automatically adjusting settings to accommodate intimate settings, such as a quiet conversation.

To learn more about the revolutionary Pure® family, and other Siemens hearing aids, contact Fynes Audiology in Mesa, Arizona, where we will happily answer any questions you may have.

Siemens Life™

Designed for personalization, Life™ hearing aids offer clear, uncompromising BestSound™ Technology and the freedom of expression. They’re stylish, easy-to-use, and technologically advanced—everything you expect from Siemens hearing aids.

  • Express yourself with 16 available colors and prints.
  • Life™ employs unique technology that masks the symptoms of tinnitus, alleviating discomfort and stress. In fact, some patients without hearing loss use Life™ products purely as a method of tinnitus control.
  • Convenient “open-fitting” design means that it’s possible to receive your hearing aid after just one visit to Fynes Audiology.


Nitro® delivers one of the most impressive hearing aid packages on the market, including features specifically chosen to make the most of every sound. Designed to make listening as natural as possible, and supported by BestSound™ Technology, Nitro puts the power of hearing in your hands.

  • Background noise is eliminated with FeedBack Stopper, which also features advanced wind-noise reduction.
  •  Behind-the-ear models are compatible with Tek™ wireless.
  • SoundSmoothing™ softens the harshness of sudden, abrupt sounds.
  • SoundBalance SP discerns hard-to-hear sounds—such as low vowels—and makes them more audible.
  • AutoPhone™ technology allows your hearing aid to shift modes whenever a telephone is placed against the ear.

Tek™ and miniTek™

Tek™ is remote control and audio streamer that provides wireless connectivity for Siemens hearing aids, allowing users seamless access to their TVs, computers, mobile phones—even MP3 players. Audio signals are delivered to both ears for a rich sound experience, and tone preferences are personalized with the SoundBalance feature.

The smaller miniTek™ is an excellent solution for wireless connectivity on-the-go, providing all the benefits of Tek™ in a more convenient casing. miniTek™ communicates with virtually all Bluetooth devices, can link to two phones simultaneously, and operates on a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 5 hours of audio streaming.

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At Fynes Audiology, we are committed to helping patients embrace life—with all the sounds it has to offer. To learn more about Siemens hearing aids, contact our office in Mesa, Arizona today. Our caring and qualified audiologists are dedicated to helping patients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe experience solutions to their hearing loss.

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