Custom Earplugs and Earbuds

Custom Fit Earplugs and Earbuds from Fynes Audiology – Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona

Fynes Audiology offers a full range of custom fit earplugs and earbuds for our patients in the Mesa and Phoenix areas. Whether you’re buying an earplug to block sound and water from getting into your ear, or an earbud to funnel sound in, a custom-fit model from Fynes will offer more comfort, wearability, and durability than an off-the shelf model. Schedule a consultation with Audiologist Cassandra M. Fynes today to learn more.

Custom Fit Earbuds
Earbuds for Cell Phones
and Music Players
Law Enforcement/
Newscaster Mold
Racing Receiver Mold
Telemarketer Ear Mold
Receiver Mold with
Stethoscope Adapter
Custom Fit Earplugs
Hearing Protection
Corded Earplugs
Earplugs with
Removable Handle
Musician’s Earplugs
Hunter’s Earplugs
Hocks Noise Breaker
Sonic Valve Earplug

Custom Fit Earbuds Make Everything Sound Better

If you listen to an iPod or portable CD player, talk on the phone, or use two-way communication, custom fit earplugs will help you hear better. Custom ear molds are made from impressions of the user’s ear so they fit perfectly. The comfort level is unparalleled; with a properly fitted earbud the sound is directed right into your ear. You’ll hear music or voices clearer at lower volumes.

Sound Better – With the speakers in the right place, you will be able to hear all the highs and lows in your music.

Blocks Background Noise – The tight fit of the ear buds, molded exactly to the contours of your ear, naturally blocks distracting background noise.

Stays in Your Ear – With a superior fit, your ear buds won’t fall out, even when you’re running or exercising.

Wear Them All Day – With custom fit earbuds, your ears won’t get sore as with off-the-shelf earbuds. You can wear them literally all day long without discomfort.

Today’s custom ear molds come in all shapes and sizes for nearly every application where sound levels have to be enhanced or reduced. Whether you’re in law enforcement, telemarketing, newscasting, or you simply use a mobile telephone or a portable music device, custom fit earbuds can improve your listening experience.

Contact Fynes Audiology today to set up a fitting for your custom fit earbuds. It takes only about ten minutes to take a mold, and only about a week until you’re ready to start enjoying your custom earbuds.

We can create custom fit earbuds for our patients in the Mesa and Phoenix areas for virtually any application. Simply tell us what type of headset you have, and we’ll create a mold to fit. If we can’t determine exactly what size adapter you need, we’ll simply take a mold of your earpiece so we can create a perfect fit.

Earbuds for Cell Phones and Music Players – Hear voices and music clearer at lower volumes by blocking our background noise with custom fit earbuds from Fynes Audiology. Simply tell us what model you’re using and we’ll match the earbuds to your set.

Law Enforcement/ Newscaster Mold – Used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters, and numerous law enforcement agencies, the skeleton-style ear mold allows for discreet and clear two-way communications.

Racing Receiver Mold – Racing molds are used by amateur and professional drivers who demand quality communication. The custom fit earbud allows maximum sound quality for the speaker, while offering excellent sound suppression from exterior noises.

Telemarketer Ear Mold – This lightweight headset mold provides a secure and relaxed fit while dissipating body heat away from the ear, making all-day usage more comfortable. The earbud can be fitted to a wide variety of headsets.

Receiver Mold with Stethoscope Adapter ­– Customized receiver molds can be fit to nearly any stethoscope to add comfort and enhance hearing abilities in noisy medical environments. ER doctors and anesthesiologists, paramedics, and EMTs can greatly benefit from these custom fit earbuds from Fynes Audiology, serving Mesa, Phoenix, and surrounding areas.

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Custom Fit Earplugs

Whether you’re protecting your ears from noise or water, earplugs can help you keep your ears as healthy as possible. With custom fit earplugs from Fynes Audiology, serving Mesa and Phoenix, you can enjoy earplugs that are comfortable enough to wear all day, and be confident that no matter what you’re doing, your earplugs won’t be going anywhere.

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Custom Fit Swimmer’s Earplugs – Prevent “Swimmer’s Ear”

Our custom fit swimmer’s earplugs are molded to your ears, making them the most comfortable, effective swim plugs you can buy. You choose the colors, and we’ll make a pair unique for you—with handles and cords if you wish. They even float, so you can’t lose them.

Great for kids and adults, our custom fit earplugs keep water out of your ears to prevent the outer-ear infection known as “swimmer’s ear.” AquaNot™ and Swyrl™ swim plugs are crafted from American-made floatable silicone material.

AquaNot™ Custom Fit Earplugs – Available in 11 great colors, AquaNot™ earplugs fit snugly in your ear, so you won’t have to worry about them falling out. Even if they do become dislodged, the floatable American silicone they are made from will keep them afloat so you can retrieve them.

Swyrl™ – Swyrl™ custom fit earplugs are made from the same material as AquaNot™, with up to three dazzling colors swirled together to give you a pair of earplugs that are uniquely yours.

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Hearing Protection – Keeping you Safe in a Noisy World

Loud machinery and tools at home or on the job can damage your hearing. Even short bursts of sound over 90 decibels can have an impact. Prolonged noise is even worse. Military, factory, and construction environments, airplanes, and subway trains are all filled with noise we can’t control.

There’s also plenty of noise we can control, but choose not to: rock concerts, sporting events, sport shooting, hunting, and the operation of many common household appliances and tools.

  • Noise Level
  • 115 dB
  • 110 dB
  • 100 dB
  • 90 dB
  • Exposure Limits
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 2 hours
  • 8 hours
  • Activity
  • Sandblasting
  • Woodworking, Motorcycle
  • Pneumatic Drill, Chainsaw
  • Lawn Mower, Shop Tools

Permanent hearing loss can occur in as little as 15 minutes with exposure to certain sounds, and almost immediately with unprotected exposure to sounds generated from firearms and certain power tools. If your hearing is susceptible to any sounds over 90 decibels, take immediate action to prevent permanent hearing damage, and contact Fynes Audiology today for custom fit earplugs.

Corded Earplugs – We’ll create earplugs to fit perfectly inside your ear, providing unmatched sound protection for a wide variety of applications. The corded option allows you to place the plugs around your neck when not needed.

Earplugs with Removable Handle – Earplugs can be designed for a number of different needs with a variety of options, and can be filtered to allow accurate hearing in the noisiest of environments. The removable handles allow easy insertion and removal.

Musician’s Earplugs – Unlike regular earplugs, musician’s custom fit earplugs are specially designed to attenuate across all frequencies, making the sound reaching your ear quieter, but more accurate. Musician’s earplugs are available in three filters to allow you to choose how much noise to filter: 9dB, 16 dB, or 25 dB.

Hunter’s Earplugs – Firearm discharge can permanently damage hearing after just a few shots. However, whether it’s game movement, trap release, or range commands, hearing is imperative for hunting safety and success. Hunter’s custom fit earplugs can protect you from very loud noises, while still allowing you to hear quieter sounds.

Hocks Noise Breaker – Hocks devices contain a patented acoustical chamber to attenuate sound to appropriate speech levels, protecting you from dangerous sounds while still allowing you to hear conversations.

Sonic Valve Earplug – The Sonic Valve Earplug provides protection for noisy factory environments and other extremely loud sounds. The custom fit Sonic Valve earplugs can be worn continuously without discomfort.

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Whether you’re looking for custom fit earbuds for your iPod or stereo headphones, cell phone, or two-way communication device, or earplugs for your work environment or your daily laps around the pool, Fynes Audiology in Mesa and Phoenix can help. Contact us today!

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